Children: a chance

to change the world


We work with children and their communities

to promote just and equitable societies


Using a Rights-Based Approach to

guarantee children's wellbeing


Recent News:

2806, 2016

When Development Also Means “Back To Basics”

Farmers all around the Philippines oftentimes face a dilemma more challenging than climate change, and that is how to shift from their traditional methods of farming to embracing new technologies [...]

2406, 2016

Child participation is…

“Participation to me is when children are given voices and opportunities to plan and work along the four broad categories [survival, development, participation and protection] of child rights,” says Edward [...]

1006, 2016

Path back to (not so) normal…

Without a doubt, children belong to the most vulnerable population affected by any kind of disaster.  Aside from access to clean water, food, clothing and shelter, schooling is usually interrupted [...]

606, 2016

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

JOB OPENING Fundación Educación y Cooperación - EDUCO is a local branch of a child-focused international development foundation. EDUCO places child’s rights at the core of its activities and [...]

606, 2016

A village nutrition volunteer helping one child at a time…

Rey Lofamia, 38 and a father of five, is the current president of the Federation of Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) in their municipality. He plays an important role in promoting [...]

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